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Departments deliver late and products or services arrive late to customers. You have quality issues and rework costs are too high. Your installations or production lines stand still too much or deliver too little output. Maintenance mostly solves failures, puts out fires. Your contractors have too many waiting hours. Outages/ turnarounds take longer than planned, jobs don't get done, and you have restart problems anyway.

Your people do not work with each other, but against each other. Your team members mainly come up with problems and not solutions. Employees all do the work in their own way, with their own lists. Team performance is not insightful and meetings take a long time and no actions come out of them. You've faced these challenges multiple times, but without lasting results. Recognizable?

We are pragmatic, no-nonsense improvers. We succeed where others failed.

"We tried that a few times before and it didn't work then either" is what we always hear when we start at a client's site. Time and again we have proven them wrong. We do that by first making a good diagnosis. Then we work with your people, with our feet in the clay, to come up with pragmatic solutions to your challenges. Solutions that we test in practice so that we know for sure that they work and are supported by the users. We apply the most appropriate improvement methods such as Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, QRM, etc. We embed it in the knowledge and competencies of your people and in existing or new systems. As a result, they are used permanently and thus lead to sustainable results. As a result, we succeed where others failed.

"If you do what you did, you get what you had." Getting better is changing behavior by improving processes, organizational effectiveness, competencies and the performance management system.

How it was:

Who should do what and when is unclear. Goals and accomplishments are not visible. There are many "lists," the information system does not help people. 

How it will be:

Your processes are clear, everyone knows what to do. Goals and performance are clear and are discussed weekly and daily. Adjustments are made for deviations.

Your employees are not working together. Your executives don't direct. Long meetings end without actions. People are little engaged and positive energy is far from there.

Your people work together, problems are solved quickly and more importantly; they are prevented. In your teams, you see positive energy and proactive behavior. There is structured daily improvement.

Operational results are not insightful. Financial results are not what they should be.

You see rising trends in KPIs and financial results are steadily improving.

With what challenge can we help you?

Lower costs, better quality, delivery reliability and increased output with Operational & Maintenance Excellence

Being competitive is crucial for any industry and service organization to stay relevant. Reliable delivery, high quality and doing what you promise are usually the most important customer values. Greater efficiency, availability, reliability and output are the business values.

Realization of 20% lower costs, 25% better quality and 15% more delivery reliability, 10% more output and efficiency is what we can help you achieve with Operational & Maintenance Excellence. 

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Case: Opex & Maintenance Excellence at a tank storage company

Case: Program management cost savings program


Greater customer satisfaction with Commercial Excellence

An effective sales organization. An efficient back office. A customer promise/contract that has been established with the operational organization and has been translated into implementation. Customers that are proactively managed based on daily consultation between commerce and operations. Challenging but achievable.

With Commercial Excellence, realization of 15% better delivery reliability and 50% more customer satisfaction is possible.

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Case: Order flow improvement project


A safer, compliant work environment with QHSExcellence

Audits by the government or certifier invariably produce discrepancies. Quality standards are not applied. You even risk not regaining or even losing your license to operate or -sell. Making management of change, quality system or work permit process practical and hands-on implementation is often the key.

For that, bringing QHSE together with operations and other departments is the key. That is QHSExcellence

Case:Implementation ofrisk assessment in work permit

Case: Quality management automotive (IATF transition)


Better collaboration and results focus with Integral Performance management

You experience islands in your organization; departments that do not work together but go for their own results. Deviations are pointed at each other instead of solving them together. Consultations are incoherent, unstructured and not about the goals, results and deviations.

With Integral Performance Management, we implement a cohesive consultation structure based on collaboration and results orientation. We teach your teams to set goals together, prevent deviations and solve problems. The result? Ownership, collaboration and sustainable results.

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Process stability and improved delivery reliability with Integral Planning

Teams are busy solving problems rather than preventing them. Delivery problems always come as a surprise and customers are not proactively informed about them. "What we do can't be planned" or "We adjust the schedule right back, so it doesn't make sense" are common statements you hear.

We have seen and heard this many times. Yet it turns out that planning after our interventions can and does lead to more stability and efficiency, pro activity and delivery reliability to the customer. 

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Greater efficiency through pragmatic digitization

Own Excel lists, paper checklists, laborious reports. Recognizable? These are the things that cost people a lot of time, take a long time, are frustrating and don't actually add value. Pragmatically digitizing these using apps, smarter (Office/ Google) solutions, developing custom (low code) solutions or making better use of existing systems is what we do in all our projects. Developing an app for a Management of Change (MOC), performance management system, planning tool are examples of this. We do this ourselves, with one of our partners, with your IT department or vendor and usually as 'Product Owner'. We can do this because we are in the middle of the users in the process and understand like no other how systems can help them. 

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Case:Implementationand digitization of MOC process

Case: Digitizing risk assessment in work permit process

How we will help you

Quick Scan

You feel and see in your organization that things could be better. You just don't know where exactly and how much. Do you want to find out? We can do that for you like no other. Within 1 day we give you a good picture of the improvement potential in your organization. We are convinced of our added value. You pay afterwards for the quick scan what you thought it was worth. If you do a follow-up project with us, it's even free.

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Diagnosis and definition

You want to know exactly where, how and how much your company can do better. To do so, we perform a diagnosis in 4 weeks in which we go deep into your organization together to really understand where and how much it can be improved. We specify the improvement potential in a business case and make an improvement plan. Together with you and your organization. We are convinced of our added value. We are therefore happy to agree a performance-based remuneration with you for diagnosis and implementation.

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Delivery and implementation

Based on the diagnosis, we go side by side to make your business better. We start with the quickwins, bringing the experience of success quickly. At the same time, we work on structural solutions to the biggest challenges. We implement a standards-based system that enables continuous improvement. To this end, we deploy methods such as Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, QRM, Agile , HoTT pragmatically. Daily coaching changes the mindset and behavior. As a result, your people themselves can make your company better and better. 

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Case: Implementation of OpEx & MainEx

Specific challenge, quick solution: Rapid Performance Improvement approach

For very specific challenges that require a quick solution, we apply Rapid Performance Improvement (RPI). With this approach, we take a structured, 'Agile' and focused approach. In this way, we discover the root causes of the challenge, devise solutions, test and implement them. We do this with all the knowledge and experience we have in the field of Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Advanced analytics. In 4 sprints of 8 weeks in total, we arrive at working solutions and lasting results, together with your organization. We believe in our approach. That is why we are happy to agree a result-dependent remuneration with you.

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Case: RPI Wave productquality

Program management

Sometimes achieving strategy requires a major step, with multiple objectives to be met. With a structured program approach, we bring together the experience of multiple disciplines and ensure that all underlying improvement projects reinforce each other and focus on the goals to be achieved. We set up the organization and follow-up structure. Then we ensure that the required behavior and apply competence. In this way, we enable the organization to actually achieve the results itself.

Case: cost savings program

Project management

Sometimes it simply takes execution power to get improvement projects off the ground and achieve the results. We provide a structured, transparent and results-oriented project approach. We proactively manage the project and stakeholders so we always achieve our results, guaranteed.

the flowants

Alex Engler

+ 31(0)6 502 630 43

Improving operational performance of organizations is my passion. After 20 years in this business, I know that this can only be successful with good structure and ownership from users and management. Creating ownership is what I do best, on the shop floor, with management and in the boardroom. I do this based on content, but especially by connecting to the needs and challenges of the organization. With my enthusiasm and humor, I get every organization and employee moving!

My other passion is competitive sailing. I do that now mainly with my children as coordinator and coach of the race team of the Haarlemsche Jachtclub. As a family (married and 4 children) we also enjoy sailing in our vacations, especially in Zeeland.


Lars Wigersma

+ 31(0)6 429 579 98

I am a specialist in quickly and structurally mapping the main areas of concern and necessary improvement actions within an organization. In this I have experience in various sectors (Steel, Manufacturing, Chemistry, Media, Energy) and types of organizations. Personal qualities that enable me to perform my work effectively: result-oriented, structured, analytical, team player, pragmatic, able to communicate effectively both on the shop floor and at board level. I am an engineer in aerospace engineering, six sigma black belt and have working experience in both Dutch, English and French.

Personally, I love (mountain) sports and traveling and enjoy coming to Switzerland with my family summer and winter.


Robin Brinkerink

+ 31(0)6 212 760 67

Results-oriented change, where people, processes and systems are aligned. That's where my passion and years of experience lie. Using tools from Lean, Lean Six Sigma, TPM, Operational Excellence and Agile, I like to help initiate improvements, turn them into results and secure them for the future. I have been able to put this into practice for more than 20 years in various sectors, such as industry (e.g. food, automotive, steel), business services (e.g. staffing and hiring, legal profession), education and government.

On Saturdays, together with my wife Lili, I am a driver and coach to help our daughters with their passions: field hockey, horseback riding and gymnastics. I myself am on the tennis court twice a week and try to occasionally get behind the piano with the dream of one day switching effortlessly between Chopin, Coldplay and Jerry Lee Lewis.


Jeroen Zomer

+ 31(0)6 413 447 54

After studying technical business administration, I gained 15+ years of experience in applying, training, coaching and managing improvement projects and programs including in the areas of operational excellence and organizational effectiveness. As MBB, unlocking potential for and with the customer has become my specialty. Both in the profit (Steel, Chemicals, Food) and non-profit (Rail, Government) sector I have supported many companies in improving their business performance, from large to small, from boardroom to shop floor.

Curiosity is an important driver for me. Whether it's discovering why you can't win a game of tennis or how people live in another part of the world. The need to discover and tackle issues is always at the center of my concerns.


Our Partners

UPD is our partner in the field of continuous improvement and innovation. By sharing our knowledge and resources, we can meet any customer demand. It also allows us both to scale up and down quickly with within projects.

UPD helps organizations achieve strategy realization and continuous improvement. They do this by unlocking, developing and utilizing the potential of organizations, teams and individuals. More information about UPD and the improvement network can be found at

KIM Plus Delta is our partner in the field of Asset Management and Information Management.

KIM Plus Delta has and builds handy Apps that make operational processes smarter and easier for operators, mechanics and managers. It also helps to demonstrate compliance with laws and regulations, for example in the field of asset integrity and (Process) safety. KIM also builds customized Apps and reports for us, for example in Power BI. For more information please visit

In the area of team effectiveness, we work with Belbin.

All flowant partners are Belbin Team Roles accredited. This means that we are allowed to take individual and team assessments and use them in our projects. We use Belbin on behalf of improving team cooperation and effectiveness. For more information, please visit

We cooperate with associates known and experienced to us.

Professionals with whom we have realized projects and results before, people for whom we go through fire and they for us. With our associate network, we can answer any client request quickly and with guaranteed quality.

Our fingerprints

Program management cost savings program

Program management cost savings program

The challenge. Due to strong competition in the global market, the client was challenged to firmly reduce the costs of its primary process. Due to a large scope and the involvement of multiple disciplines, a program structure was chosen for this...

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