Hands-on implementation, what's in it for me?

You can hear someone say it again, "That procedure, no we haven't used it for years." Or "No idea what they do with it, but we've been doing it that way for years". Or "Our work can't be planned". The result is poor performance. People not getting the best out of themselves, your process and your organization. The good news is that there is a lot of improvement potential out there. We extract that with hands-on implementation.

Hands-on implementation is about changing this attitude and thus behavior broadly across the organization. About creating ownership. The key is having a positive experience and result in demonstrating that new behavior. That starts with improving the system (cohesion of process, organization, information and management systems) by those people themselves. Influence leads to ownership.

The business case (we created together) gives the common goals and approach the direction. We know exactly what steps we will take when with what result. While there is also room to learn, experiment and discover. But always with the goal in mind.

Those same people are going to use their own improved system. Help with that (from us) is crucial. Helping people apply and further improve during use provides the positive experience. Seeing the result improve (in the performance management system) for the reward. Together, hand in hand we apply, improve and after sufficient practice and assurance we let go further and further. We coach each meeting until it can continue effectively on its own. We train and coach people until they can continue independently without going back to old behaviors. It's like learning to ride a bike. Management holds the key with example behavior and "confirming" system and behavior even after we are gone. 

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