Ownership is the accelerator of better performance

We see that felt ownership of a process leads to ever better and sustainable business performance. Even stronger, we believe that employee ownership can truly give a company wings.

But how do you do that, increase ownership? Partly by creating transparency and increasing mutual trust. But how do you do that? We do it by working with teams to create a system that helps with that:

An important part of the system are the daily and weekly consultations; the performance management system. With these, the teams continuously manage and improve the processes and thus performance. The boards we use during these consultations provide the necessary transparency. The dialogue and cooperation that is created for trust. Want to know more about how we achieve this with you?

"Also from personal experience, I know it works. I use it a lot during my sailing and field hockey team coaching and even at home for our team with 4 kids... Why wouldn't it work for you?" Alex Engler, Partner flowant

Here is a beautiful and inspiring example from the classroom. This is what you wish for your teams too, isn't it?

Want to know more or also interested in an analysis and business case? 

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