Quick scan, something for me?

Know where to start improving in 1 day? Also get a picture of how much can be improved? You can, with our quick scan. And you decide afterwards what you thought it was worth. That's what you pay us. If we continue together with an analysis and hands-on implementation, it's free.

During the quick scan, we do 5 things:

  1. A self-assessment before we visit you
  2. Attending a number of daily/weekly regular meetings
  3. 4 Interviews with key players
  4. Observation rounds on the shop floor
  5. A presentation to your MT at the end of the day

Your employees are sent the self-assessment and fill it out in advance. Then we come to your company for a day. We start when the organization or team starts, we immediately attend the first meetings. Then we conduct a number of interviews and go on the shop floor to observe, take pictures and make videos. Time is short, so everything must be tightly planned in advance.

Around 3:30 pm we seclude ourselves for a while to incorporate all the input into the final presentation. At 17:00 we will present it to your MT. 

We would like to ask you for feedback afterwards, so that we too can learn and improve. We also ask you what you think the value of the day and output is, for which you will receive the invoice later (or not). And if we continue later with an analysis and/or hands-on implementation, the quick scan was free anyway.

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Want to know more or also interested in an analysis and hands-on implementation? 

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