What is Integrated Planning?

Contractors' wait times and costs are getting out of hand. Once again, a customer unexpectedly interrupts maintenance. Your other customer hangs on the line in anger because he too has to give way. Internally, everyone points at each other as the culprit. Recognizable?

With integral planning, we solve this. It starts with working together and taking ownership of one's own and joint planning(s). That also means that every team must have capacity planning, transparent to all. And that there is integrated, joint planning. It also means that teams should be able to do each other's work as needed (multi-skilling). Only then will there be maximum cooperation, efficiency and stability.

We create a clear process with deadlines in which each team provides input, on time. Together we identify bottlenecks and opportunities and make decisions on how to deal with them. Full transparency.

We do this (depending on the nature of the process) every month, week, day and shift. We also look back at the deviations from the previous day, so that their cause is understood and can be eliminated. In this way, we create a predictable, reliable process for customer, which is efficient for the company at the same time. Unexpected events for the customer. Waiting hours and inefficiencies for the company are hereafter a thing of the past.

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