What is QHSExcellence?

After audits, you invariably run into violations and nonconformities. There are constant and long outstanding (internal) findings. You have (too) many procedures and they are unnecessarily complex. As a result, they are not applied in practice (anymore). Recognizable?

For us it is. In practice, we mostly see that all kinds of quality, environmental, process safety, risk management systems are created side by side. You can't see the forest for the trees, you have to do 4 separate reviews and often procedures bite each other. The result? Systems exist only on paper and add no value in practice. In fact, they cause more deviations than necessary.

We see simplicity and one QHSE system as key to ownership and thus a system that is actually used in practice. That's what we call QHSExcellence. Unfortunately, you often have to deal with the "legacy" systems so the way there has to be in small steps. We help to map out the best way. We do that by starting from the most value adding improvement (e.g. the biggest impact on outstanding deviations or the fastest improvement in quality). We carry out the steps together with the organization and help simplify, set up and implement the QHSE system.

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